International Stratos Program is searching for new coordinators 2017/2018!

We are searching for three coordinators for the program starting this Autumn. As a coordinator, your responsibility is to run the whole program from the beginning to the end: acquiring partner companies, recruiting the participant students, organizing excursions to participating companies, organizing and participating in the study trip abroad. Because of the multitude of these tasks, you will gain experience in many essential fields such as marketing, finance, HR, teamwork, and leadership. You will also acquire important contacts to the major international companies in Finland and other like-minded students. The coordinators will be working freely and can tailor the program in accordance to their own creativity within some major guidelines.

What do you need to become the next Coordinator?
Qualifications aren’t all too important, although it helps to have some organizational experience and good communication skills. What we want are highly motivated and proactive Aalto (business, engineer or art) students who are willing to commit wholly to the program and make it prosper.

Interested? Send us your CV, cover letter and study transcript to by 24.09.2017.

If you have any questions regarding the Stratos Program or coordinator experiences, we are happy to answer at any time and any channel.

P.S: This year we rocked PERU and the legendary MACHU PICCHU. Next year, you decide. So what are you waiting for?

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